Monday, March 12, 2018

All Black Everything

If you live in the southeast like me you probably have been confused by the weather this past month. Literally this one weekend I was wearing a knit scarf with my winter coat, and a few days later I wore shorts. 

I was out of the country for a little bit which is why I've been away from the site for a while. I traveled to a really warm place which has disoriented me even more (more on where I went later!). I left home in a mild temperature week in the middle of a wind storm, and I came back to 40 degree temperatures and a prediction of snow. They say that you can experience all four seasons in one day in Virginia, which is especially true in the transitions times between seasons like the month of March. 

During this transition time it can be hard dressing for the day. I try to find outfits that are versatile and can be layered under a jacket or just worn by themselves. While I enjoy colors, my favorite ensembles to wear are ones that are neutral and I love how effortlessly stylish wearing all black can be. This outfit is literally just a black sweater and black leggings, but I always get compliments on how "cool" I look when I wear it. Paired with the white sneakers, the outfit is great for days that I'm on the go, but helps me feel put together, even when life is hectic.

Do you have outfits that double in functionality and style?

P.S. I wore this outfit when I went to see Black Panther a few weekends ago. I'm not super into Super Heroes or comics but I would totally go see the movie again! Go check it out if you haven't already and let me know what you thought!