Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tips for Moving into your Dorm Room (And a Bonus Packing List!)

My freshmen dorm room
If you are entering into your first year of college, the thought of packing your life into one side of a room can be daunting. When I packed for my first year of college it was hard to stay organized and make sure I had covered everything. What helped me was looking at lists other people had created. While everyone's packing lists varies, there are core items that you almost definitely need. Looking at these lists helped me start the moving process, so I made my very own college essentials packing list for y'all! Separated by categories, it will help you organize your things for a smoother move-in day!

Download It Here!

Tips for Moving Day

1. Get on the Road Early
I've been helping freshmen move in for the past two years, so I know that the later in the day you move, the hotter and more crowded it is. Getting an early start will help you hopefully beat the rush of other students and stay cool.

2. Pack in Plastic Containers and Luggage
Plastic containers make easy, under the bed storage and it's convenient to have luggage already with you when traveling back home or going away for a weekend.

3. Categorize Your Things
This seems like a no-brainer but creating your own organization system while packing will make it easier for you to unpack. For example, pack mugs and other kitchen items together, and your school supplies in one container. I even go so far as micro-categorizing: t-shirts are packed in one area, dresses in another, etc.

4. Unpack Things One Section at a Time
The easiest way to ensue chaos on your move-in day is to have no rhyme or rhythm to how you unpack. To prevent a mess, unpack things by layers. For example, don't start taking out decorations before your bed is even made. Don't unpack your bathroom items before you even know where you are going to store your shower caddy. And definitely know where all your different types of clothing are going before you unpack those.
*Pro Tip: If possible, store things out in the hallway and bring them in one part at a time. Depending on how many people you have with you, assign everyone something to unpack based on their strengths. For example, while my dad installed my mini-fridge, my mom made my bed, and my sisters and I unpacked clothing. But make sure that these tasks don't overlap spaces so you aren't all stepping over each other.

5. Send Things Back
I have had ideas about decor, or brought certain items I thought would fit in my room, that just did not work out. Instead of trying to make them work, I've had to let go and send them back with my parents. You will accumulate things like books, new clothes, and other random items (college is the mother of free useless stuff) over the school year, and your room will become more and more packed. Nothing can stress you out like a disorganized space, so it's good to get a head start and begin the year with less. Also, if you have the ability to go back home for weekends or breaks, leave heavy coats, boots, scarves, etc. home until you need them, and exchange them with your flip flops and sundresses.

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