Thursday, August 3, 2017

Style Inspiration: Lee Radziwil

Part of my personal style inspiration comes from famous figures, especially those of the 20th century. I'm drawn to classic and timeless pieces, so I love looking at vintage style and giving it a modern twist. I not only love studying the style of famous figures, but learning about their lives as well. Half of what makes their wardrobe iconic is the life they lived in it.

Lee Radziwil is an American legend. She is a fashion icon, former actress, and even a princess. On top of that she is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's younger sister. I loved learning about her through the documentary Jackie: A Tale of Two Sisters on Netflix and found myself reading interviews she's done and articles about her life. Her life has been an anything but boring and her style matches her social lite status. Here are a few of her looks that you can recreate yourself!

1. Shift Dresses- Lulus Shift and Shout Blush Pink Shift Dress
Shift Dresses are timeless. I'm obsessed right now with blush and rosy pinks, so this one from Lulus caught my eye. You can style it with a long or short statement necklace, or (my personal favorite look) wear your hair up and pair with big bold earrings.

Radziwill was before her time because tassels are extremely trendy right now. The most popular tassel earrings right now are the Piñata Tassel Earrings from Bauble Bar. They come in over a dozen different colors that fit every personality type!

I love how turtlenecks never go out of style. This one has a looser fit and a lighter fabric that gives a modern twist to the classic piece.

Strapless dresses are another piece that will never go out of style. I love this baby blue one from THML because it has a bohemian feel. It can be dressed up with heels, worn casually with sandals, or even carried into the fall with a jacket!

5. One Shoulder/ Draped Dresses- 
Draped dresses are very flattering on just about every body type. Their loose fit also makes them perfect for summer. The dress on the left is a more casual look that can be dressed up and the jumpsuit is a fun twist on the classic design! 

6. Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits instantly make a woman look more stylish and cool. They're standout pieces that can be worn in the office or as an alternative to the traditional dress when going out. I like these because their simple design leaves room for customization with accessories!


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