Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monthly Favorites: August

1. Getting my first taste as buyer for upcoming lines at AmericasMart in Atlanta. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, August brings in a rush of emotions. At the beginning of the month I finished my internship with a trip to Atlanta with my boss and one of my co-workers. We went to that month's Market to shop for new inventory. It was an amazing experience to learn the behind the scenes of buying, and it was so cool to find out what is coming to stores in the upcoming seasons! (Free People's new lines are like nothing I've seen before). 

And last week I started my last year of undergrad. It's been surreal to realize that after seventeen years, my time as a student is coming to an end (at least until possible grad school). Being a student has been such a huge part of my identity, so I'm sad to leave school, but excited for all that God has planned for my life. 

August also brought unexpected calamity on my town of Charlottesville. As a Charlottesville resident, and person of color, it was devastating and frightening to see so many people so full of hate towards people like you march over your home. Our country is still heavily rooted in racism, so the feelings of the white supremacists were not surprising, but the magnitude of their fight was. In all honesty it is still something I'm processing and healing from. What has encouraged me and others, is having hope in Christ, the prayers and support from those across the country, and the unity of our town that has come in the aftermath. Please continue to pray for racial unity across this country. I pray that no one finds themselves in the aftermath of an event like ours, and I have hope our country will use this to understand and love one another better. 

2. Ending up on my school's website on my last first day of school. 

3. I'm reading though the book of Hosea right now which has been very refreshing for my soul. I love the graphics She Reads Truth provides for different verses. They also provide great supplements for your Bible reading for any book!

4. Loved watching the cutest and wittiest couple ever fight over baby proofing their house.

5. Chip and Joanna Gaines's company Magnolia are selling this T-Shirt to raise money for relief in Houston. 100% of proceeds go towards relief. Please keep those affected, and those to still be affected by Harvey in your prayers. 

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