Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Rush

It's August!

August usually brings a wave of emotions for me. I feel fall approaching which makes me sad that summer is ending and a sense of urgency to squeeze in my last vacation adventures. However, fall is my favorite season, so I also feel excitement as I anticipate the weather getting cooler (but not for a while down here in the south...). When you're in school, fall can feel like the actual new year instead of January. You may have not seen your friends in a few months, or you're about to go off to college and make a bunch of new friends. Even if you're out of school, fall means leaving the dog days of summer behind, and getting back into gear.

All throughout August I will be featuring posts to help you prepare for whatever new season you're starting. I'll be posting style guides, my favorite ways to get organized, clothing and jewelry deals, my tips on staring college, and even my favorite dorm decor! So stay tuned, August is going to be fun!

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