Monday, July 3, 2017

Historic Georgetown Photo Diary

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved to South Carolina for a summer internship. My dad and sister made the hours long drive to help me move in, and stayed for a couple days before I started work. On one of those days, we visited historic Georgetown, a small, old section of Georgetown county. My sister was participating in a Civil Rights research project with one of her professors so we visited the local Rice Museum, which had a guided tour on the history of South Carolina's rice industry. 

After the tour we strolled down the sleepy southern streets, stopping for ice cream and peeking into small shops. Besides the cars and air conditioning, it felt like we were transported back to the 1950s. The shops and restaurants were traditional and charming, and the owners were all super friendly and made great conversation. We then ventured to the Harbor walk, which has a line of restaurants and boats along the dock (my favorite boat was one named Sweet Tea). My sister and I stopped on the docks to take in the sunny scenery and gazed at the paper mill across the water. I love exploring new places, big or small, and this was an adventure that didn't disappoint. 

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