Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Skirts for the Workplace

It's summer, which means internship time for me and many other students. With internships comes dressing business casual. Unfortunately, business casual can have a dreaded undertone when you get stuck in a rut of pencil skirts and black dress pants. I've been blessed to work in offices with "loose" dress codes. This means that while jeans and shorts are not necessarily appropriate, I don't have to wear a suit everyday. I can play around with appropriate dresses, pretty blouses, jewelry, and skirts.

Skirts are a fun way to look professional, while still being able to have fun dressing up. And with the warm summer months, skirts are helpful for staying cool. Here are some cute pieces I found!

1. Kippling Skirt from Altar'd State, $44.95
This skirt is so pretty and graceful. I like the bright blue hue and appreciate the modest shape and length. It's appropriate, but makes you feel pretty, not stuffy. 

2. Posh Spring Skirt from Altar'd State, $54. 95
While this skirt is on the shorter side for the office, (or it least it would be on me- I'm 5'7"!), it's perfect for a petite frame. I love the pastel color, delicate detail, and scalloped edges. 

3. Floral Printed Pleated Skirt by ISANI for Target, $44.99
This skirt is an easy way to brighten up your outfit at work, while still having a modest length and shape. The tropical floral print screams summer- but sadly may remind you that you're in the office and not at the beach. 

4. Lace Capris in Black and Ivory from One loved Babe, $30
These cool lace capris technically aren't skirts, but are still flowy and feminine. The wide leg provides the illusion of a skirt, as well as the "breeziness" skirts provide. They would make any outfit unique- and comfortable!

5. Swoon-Light Navy Blue Lace Midi-Skirt from Lulus, $42
This skirt is a twist on the traditional pencil skirt. Its dark hue and length makes it conservative but the conforming fit and lace overlay add a little "spice."

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