Friday, June 30, 2017

Monthly Favorites

1. A beautiful postcard one of my best friends bought for me in Munich, Germany. 

Last month I started a series called Monthly Favorites. At the end of each month I'll be posting a list of some of my favorite things I did or discovered in the past month!

This month was extra special because I moved to the beaches of South Carolina for my job. I'm here for the summer working as a marketing intern at a women's boutique. The past few weeks have been exciting, stimulating, and exhausting but I'm finally feeling at home here. I'll be sharing more about my experience at the end of the summer!

2. During my first few days in South Carolina, my dad, sister and I visited historic Georgetown. It's a charming small section of town right on the water. I'll be sharing more photos from that trip later!

2. As a proud introvert, it was interesting to read this article about the four different types of introversion psychologists have been researching. It even has a test for you to see which kind you are!

3. I recently visited Huntington Beach State Park on my day off. It has an absolutely breathtaking view of the miles of marshland and wildlife. I'll be sharing more photos from the trip later as well!

4. My dad enjoying the sunset on the beach.

5. Some of my co-workers and I made an intentional trip to visit this popular ice cream shop- and it was so worth it.

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