Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monthly Favorites

Hi guys! I'm starting a new series called Monthly Favorites. At the end of each month I will have a list of things from the month that I got to enjoy or simply inspired me, that I want share with ya'll. Enjoy!

1. I recently visited the new Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with my family. It showcases hundreds of his designs and dresses while telling the story of his life. It is a must-see if you are in the area.

2. A pretty array of chocolates a sweet friend brought back from Grenoble, France.

3. A new blog I found via laurenconrad.com called Find Us Lost. It's written by a couple who recently moved to Europe so they could travel to different countries more. Their website is full of beautiful photos from their adventures that will give you major wanderlust.

5. I love the artistry behind this hand-painted dress designer Vivienne Westwood made for Elle Fanning.

6. I made chicken (and vegetarian black bean) enchiladas for my family using these recipes (enchiladadasauce)- which didn't turn out too bad if I say so myself!

7. A fun photoshoot with the girls from the small group Bible study I led this year, right before our spring semi-formal.

If there's anything that inspired you this month, feel free to share it with me! 

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