Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Recent Documentaries

Like many people, I love Netflix, especially Netflix documentaries. It's always exciting to find new ones that fuel my interests. I'm a nerd at heart, and love learning, but finding the time to read about all the subjects I'm interested in can be hard. Documentaries are great for turning on while I'm multitasking around the house. Here are some the most recent ones I have watched and loved.

1. Twinsters
This was a popular story from a few years ago that I saw on the nightly news. Sam and Anais are identical twins born in South Korea but were adopted by families on two different continents. For twenty years they had no clue each other existed, until by chance a friend of one found the other on the internet. The documentary tells their fascinating, and adorable, reconnection. Sam is one of the directors of the film, which makes the documentary less formal and more like an intimate diary. It's a heartwarming film that will definitely make you appreciate your family and friends. 

2. Iris
Three words: Iris is goals. In her nineties, she is a style icon and more fabulous than anyone half her age. She is known for her bold, eclectic style that defies time and trends. I was drawn to the documentary of course because of my love for fashion and fashion icons. The documentary is a look at her busy, but fun, daily life.

 3. Miss Representation
This powerful documentary shows the glaring reality of our media and how it portrays women. It takes an in depth look at corporate media ownership and how the content it sends out makes its way to infiltrating our lives with subliminal messaging. While it features some explicit content, it is a truly powerful film that shows how media really does effect how women view themselves.

4. Finding Vivian Maier
As a photographer myself, I look up to Vivian Maier's photography and am fascinated by her story. Maier lived a very private life and worked for a series of families as a nanny. Her photography was discovered posthumously when a man bought one her old trunks and discovered thousands of never before seen negatives inside. Since then, her work has been showcased in exhibits all over the world. However, even with all this fame, her life was still a mystery. The film takes you on an investigative journey into her past to find out who she really was.

5. She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Another feminist documentary, this film gives the history of the second feminist movement in the 1960s and 70s by interviewing some its leaders. It's an empowering look at history, that made me appreciate the opportunities I have as a woman today that I often take for granted.