Friday, February 17, 2017

Business Casual

Jacket and Blouse: Zara, Shoes: Banana Republic, Purse: Primark
It's embarrassing, but I actually don't have that many business casual outfits, especially for the winter. So when I recently had a business casual event to attend I had a small moment of panic. I could have worn one of my black or navy dresses, but when the weather is under fifty degrees, just the thought of wearing a skirt makes me shiver. Thankfully after a friend let me borrow some dress pants I was able to create an appropriate (and warm) ensemble. 

I bought this light jacket last month while I was studying abroad in Paris and London. One of my favorite things about Europe was how unapologetically put together everyone dressed. I loved the edgy trends and how people embraced the color black. Before I left I wanted to buy something that emulated that style. I was drawn to this jacket because the leather trim makes it edgy, but the soft knit makes it classy. I'm able to wear it with flats to a business event, but also pair it with boots and jeans for everyday. 

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