Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Style Profile: Andrea

Jacket: J.Crew; Top: a small boutique in Hilsboro Village, Nashville; Pants: Madewell; Scarf: Banana Republic; Booties: Nordstroms's BP Brand
I'm excited to start a new series called Style Profile. I know so many people with great senses of style, each unique to their personalities. They've inspired me to profile them and ask them about what goes into creating their personal style.

Andrea is not only a great friend, she was also my housemate and exchange student at my school. She comes from down under, in Melbourne, Australia. When we lived together I was constantly in awe of her mature yet effortless style. As a marketing student, she has aspirations to work in the fashion industry, which I highly doubt will be hard with her eye for fashion.

Where would you typically wear this outfit? 
A day out in the city, winter shopping, sipping on hot chocolate on a park bench

Describe your personal style in three words
Classic, simple, bright

What's the main difference between Australian and American fashion?
There are so many more regions in America to compare, but I think Australian fashion is most similar to LA fashion. Where I'm from (Melbourne) I would describe the style as modern, trendy and hipster. [It's] also beachy/surfer-ish in the summer. Charlottesville fashion is worlds away from Melbourne (girls wouldn't be caught dead in pearls however guys sometimes wear bow ties!)

How has your style changed after living in America for a year?
I've definitely found my happy medium of classic, preppy pieces while wearing them differently each season as the current trends influence my taste. I love how put-together people's outfits are at UVA. Charlottesville has amped up the prep, but living in Melbourne encourages me to be more creative and edgy with it. 

If you could borrow any person's wardrobe (celebrity or person you know), whose would it be?
I've always been obsessed with Olivia Palermo's style. She has a huge variety of looks but they always look so elegant.